Citizens' Academy Ambassadors

Below is a list of people who have graduated from the Citizens’ Academy who have volunteered to be a source of information for their neighbors in Horseshoe Bay. If you have any questions about the Citizens’ Academy class, or about the City, these people are ready and willing to help.

Mark Bloschock (Horseshoe Bay Proper)
Cecil Burdick (Horseshoe Bay West)
Brenda Burdick (Horseshoe Bay West)
Ron Christesson (Fairways)
Forrest Covin (Horseshoe Bay West)
Andrea Davis (Horseshoe Bay Proper)
Macon Dunham (Lighthouse Drive)
Dan Gillean (Horseshoe Bay Proper)
Patty Gillean (Horseshoe Bay Proper)
Beverly Graham (Horseshoe Bay West)
Judy Guyer (The Hills)
Brooks Herring (Applehead)
Jay Hilsher (Horseshoe Bay West)
Frank Hosea (Horseshoe Bay West)
David Johnson (Horseshoe Bay Proper)
Peggy Jordan (Horseshoe Bay West)
Donna Klaeger (Horseshoe Bay Proper)
Mark Knudson (The Trails)
Mike Kolar (Escondido)
Rhonda Kolar (Escondido)
Libby Kuehl (Horseshoe Bay West)
Mark Kuehl (Horseshoe Bay West)
Debbie Lambert (Horseshoe Bay Proper)
Kenneth Lindgren (Horseshoe Bay West)
Jeff Matera (Horseshoe Bay West)
Malcom McQueen (Horseshoe Bay Proper)
Bill Monroe (Horseshoe Bay Proper)
Ron Nicholas (Horseshoe Bay Proper)
Kerry Nyquist (Horseshoe Bay Proper)
Elizabeth Pitts (Applehead)
Rick Pitts (Applehead)
Bill Rives (Horseshoe Bay West)
Carla Rowland (Horseshoe Bay West)
Rhett Ruiz (Slick Rock)
Doug Sanders (Horseshoe Bay West)
Ron Surbuts (Overlook/Summit Rock)
Greg Waldron (Horseshoe Bay West)
Gay Lynn Wheeler (Horseshoe Bay Proper)
Sandra Williams (Horseshoe Bay West)
Billy Williams (Horseshoe Bay West)